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heyitslep, Mar 6, 11 12:38 AM.
6 March 2011

If you haven't realized it yet, leagues are necessary in DCUO in order to achieve any semblance of endgame success. In order to effectively run your daily duos, HMAs, raids, or even competently PVP, you need a league in order to communicate and collaborate. 

I started Simplicity because I've grown displeased with the overall quality of leagues found in DCUO. Right now, you can break down leagues into three seperate categories: joke leagues, mega clan multi-game leagues, and finally legit leagues. 

We've all seen the joke leagues running around. They're fun and light-hearted, sure. But like any joke, it gets dead horsed and abandoned in favor of the next flavor of the month. There's no real cohesion there. There's typically a core group that comprises these leagues and those are the individuals who'll hop collectively into the next trend and so on. It's great if you're in that small group and your friends all share the same jokes, but it's a clique. If you're not in that clique, tough shit on trying to be bro's with anyone. 

The mega clan has become a staple of every MMO because they force themselves to be. Just like Wal*Mart pushing its way into your local community and convincing you, "no really, we're been a part of this world for like ever". They're big, they're messy, and they're more corporatized than multinational conglomerates. As a gamer, you're enticed by their massive member list, boasting chapters in tons of games. But all that glitters isn't gold. If you've ever been in one of these mega clans, you know what I'm talking about. The members aren't like-minded friends, but just players with the same Prefix in their names. 

Lastly, you have the legit league. By this, I'm talking about the league or clan that sets out knowing what it wants to be in a pure sense. It keeps to that in its roots, but allows for growth and expansion based upon the league itself. For instance, a league is formed with the pretenses of being an RP league. However, the members soon realize that they might just also be good at PVP. So, they go at it and by golly they're amazing at PVP! They're not setting out to be the best at PVP, RP, PVE, or whatever else; these leagues are know what they want and stay true to that.

After watching the joke leagues come and go over the past few weeks, and growing dissatisfied with the lack of cohesion in the mega clans, I'm striking out on my own and going for that elusive third route, that real league wanting to be a DCUO league. A league wanting to be about DCUO. A league that ends at DCUO. Simplicity is a league that knows it's a Suffix in a video game. The league is about having fun. I mean, if we're playing a game and not having fun, then we're clearly doing it wrong.

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heyitslep, Mar 5, 11 11:37 PM.
Simplicity is now one day old.
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